Friday, September 25, 2009

Grace, 4 months

Grace turned 4 months yesterday, I dressed her in a new dress and she looked ever so sweet, I meant to take photos, but I completely forgot. I hope to dress her in the same dress in the next few days and take photos then.

She had her 4 months check up yesterday too, she weighed 11lb 2oz, which our doctor is happy with, but I'm concerned about, she's doing fine developmentally, so her slow weight gain doesn't seem to be harming her, but her breastfeeding is poor, so I constantly have sore nipples and don't get enough stimulation to have a good supply, so we've been dipping in to our frozen milk stash to keep her satisfied.

Vaccination wise, we skipped rotavirus and probably won't get it at all, same with Hep B, though we'll revaluate that if we have any concerns about her behaviour in her teens, it's not even offered in the UK, so the same is true for all our kids. We also skipped polio, though we will eventually do it, we just wanted to minimise the number of vaccines given, so if there was a reaction we'd be able to track it down more easily. So she ended up having DTaP (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis), Pneumoccocal and Hib, 3 separate jabs, she wasn't greatly impressed by this! She is reacting mildly to them, she's a bit more sleepy and a bit more grouchy in her sleep, but that seems to be all, no fever or anything else concerning.

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