Saturday, August 15, 2009

a wobble

A few things have combined into making me feel a bit stressed and tense over the last couple of days. What I really want to do is to just go to bed and face the world tomorrow. Sounds good, but I've been trying to implement systems and habits that make life a little bit easier and as mornings are generally hard for me, one of them is to shower in the evening, choose my clothes for the next day and make a flask of coffee and have that and my breakfast next to my bed.

So I'm sat here, tired and a bit achy, trying to work out whether if I don't do these things will tomorrow morning go badly wrong and of course whilst I'm doing that it's getting later, thus increasing the likelyhood of tomorrow morning being tricky if I'm not 100% ready.

It's worrying me a bit that in two weeks time, school starting will make being ready to face the morning even more important and that after a few days I may just completely burn out.

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