Monday, August 24, 2009

Think I've got my head round tomorrow's vaccines

I've been reading Dr Sears "The Vaccine Book", strange how you can come to quite different conclusions on the same information. One example is rotavirus, they don't give it in the UK (or at least didn't when our children were babies) and despite a very high percentage of children getting it ours never have, or got it so mildly as to be a non issue. So to me there seems no point in bothering, even if it could be proved to be entirely risk free.

Everything else that is scheduled for two months we'll get, but not necessarily tomorrow, I still have to go through and figure out what we'll get dependent upon what brand we are offered, my highest priority is the pnuemococcal vaccine as it's a relatively common bug that infects various parts of the body, some of which are very severe. DTaP, i.e. diptheria, tetanus, pertussis we'll also get tomorrow, pertussis is still relatively common and tetanus is important too.

The ones I'm not so bothered about are HiB and Polio, but they may come packaged with DTaP, in which case I need to double check the aluminum levels in them. Polio I strongly believe she should recieve at some point as part of the continued attempts to irradicate it. HiB I don't quite feel has such a strong reason to get for the sake of public health.

Aluminum levels are a tricky one, there was a great article in a LLL magazine about it. Basically the amount of aluminium it's considered safe to give anyone intravenously is regulated by the FDA, but amount given intramuscularly is not regulated at all, so it doesn't apply to vaccines. It could all amount to nothing, but the number of vaccines routinely given has increased in recent years and is greater in the US than in the UK. Sausage Boy had only DTaP and I think Meningitis C by injection at 2 months, polio was still given orally in the UK at that point. Banana Girl had the same, but the polio was combined in with one of them. It could all amount to nothing, but it could be something that emerges as a problem in the future, a bit like in the UK, not knowing if vCJD is going to be a huge problem, or if we've already seen the majority of cases.

I may well be being overcautious, but I'm a strong supporter of vaccination in general, just very anti the mainstream that proclaim them risk free. We got the official information sheets from our doctor, which on one page said there was no risk of combining vaccines and on the next listed several severe risks, including death for one of the individual vaccines, I don't think our governments maliciously do this, just that it's a complicated subject and chances are it's not a doctor or scientist that prepares the information.

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