Friday, August 28, 2009

Test results

I just notice I never added my dancing test results. To my surprise I scored 96/100 in both, earning Highly Commended. I'm pleased with that, it's very encouraging. I think that even though I felt that they weren't performed to the best of my ability, that I must have demonstrated good technique. Unlike in ballet where when you learn a step, that's pretty much how it's done for the rest of your life, in latin dancing there are many refinements in technique, you can teach a plie to a child exactly how a prima ballerina would do it, but you can't teach even basic latin steps the way a top dancer would do them. This means I may only have been dancing silver level steps, but I've been learning slightly higher level technique.

I think I'd like to move onto learning gold level routines whilst continuing to work on technique, but I think my teacher wants me to work on standard as well.

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