Friday, August 28, 2009

sleep, mine and Grace's!

Grace really is our easiest baby for sleep. Sausage Boy would only fall to sleep whilst nursing for a very long time and you had to get him pretty deeply off before you could move him. Banana Girl was the exact opposite and would pop off the breast as soon as she would done, but required me to be in sight for her to fall asleep, which was often half an hour or more, I'd nurse her lieing in bed, then shuffle away from her to the other side of the bed, usually we'd both fall asleep and poor DH would come in to find no space in the bed for him! Grace's nighttime habit is the easiest of the lot, I usually nurse her last thing, she will appear to be asleep, but stir as soon as I move her, I pop her in her crib wide awake and she falls asleep without issue. Last night we had a meeting down by the pool and I nursed her through most of that, so when we came home I just changed her and gave her medicine, then lay her on the kids' bedroom floor to enjoy story time, so she was wide awake and happy for half an hour or more after her last nursing, then I popped her in her cot and didn't hear from her until past 8 in the morning.

The sleeping through seems to be a regular thing as she's been doing it consistently for over a week and only once has she woke up between 6 and 7 rather than after 7. Another habit of hers is to then go straight back to sleep, this originated from when she was routinely waking up between 6 and 7, so going back to sleep was desirable, but I've continued to do it, even if it's 8.30 or so.

We'll need to figure out what our routine is for the various different possibilities each day, like do I take all the children to drop of Sausage Boy at school or not. We are yet to discover if it's possible for the same person to drop Sausage Boy off at 8.40, then Banana Girl off at 9. I also have a few appointments scheduled at 9 to make matters even more confusing!

Having cut down my Seroquel, I'm now taking even longer to fall asleep at night, resulting in me really not getting enough sleep overnight. Unfortunately with narcolepsy, 8 hours sleep at night doesn't solve the problem of daytime sleepiness, but it certainly helps. Also, my body needs that rest even if my mind still is sleepy at random times, it's much easier to deal with that feeling if you body is rested.

I've been playing around with when I take my adderall and what I drink when. Coffee in the morning didn't really seem to help, so I started taking my adderall instead, which means I'm not taking it later in the day, but that hasn't had as much negative effect as I had expected. This is making my days manageable right now, but school starting will add a lot more driving into my day. I plan to call my psychiatrist on Monday to see if we can try something else for sleep, I also need to call my neurologist as I need a new prescription and the law prevents it from being on auto refill. I may also see if I can up the total amount, so that I can take a small dose to give me a boost when it's time for school pick up.

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