Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've been taking a lot longer to fall asleep at night since starting to wean of seroquel, which means tiredness is catching up on me, I don't think my mood is taking a hit, other than a natural drop you feel when tired. Another problem is that I've been having some abdominal pain, I have a suspicion that it's a muscular problem, so I've booked some sessions with a physical therapist, I hope she can figure out which muscle it is and which exercises I need to do, I had the same problem about 5 years ago, but I can't remember exactly what I did, or if the pain is in the exact same spot. If my hunch is right, that still means lots of work to do and no instant cure unfortunately, so to add to my general tiredness, I have pain, which is also tiring.

I still have to label Sausage Boy's school bag and coat and check through his school supplies. He has to take a snack each day and can either take a packed lunch or buy lunch. If he wants to buy lunch we have to pay some money into his account, which apparently we can do online, though they still do the old fashioned way and accept cheques.

I had a nice impromptu shopping trip with Banana Girl yesterday, DH wanted to take his brother to the top of Lincoln Square, but only realised when we were at the mall that he'd left his card at home, so he took his brother and Sausage Boy home to get it, leaving Banana Girl with me and Grace at the mall. We have a Gap credit card and they give you a percentage back in vouchers, so I took her off to Gap Kids to look for long sleeved tops and trousers, she seems to be between sizes for trousers, so she'll have to cope with the ones she already has for a few months. She really liked some tracksuit type trousers with a silver line down the side, but they really were too big. I wish I could find some similar ones for myself! I did get lucky though as I passed a sale rack as we were walking through Macy's and got a nice pair of black trousers for myself. Then we met up at P F Changs for dinner, they have a gluten free menu there and as usual, I had lemon scallops, which are gorgeous!

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