Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things are looking up

I haven't updated for a while as my parents have been here.

Today we took Grace to a specialist in posterior tongue tie, it seems that she does still have some tongue tie that we could clip, but with discussion about how she has improved in the past week, the doctor's advice was not to clip today.

Apparently whether or not a baby has a tongue tie is determined at about 12 weeks of pregnancy, all babies have them until that point and then they recede. Spending another 25 weeks in the womb with a tongue tie can then have a huge impact on the development of their jaw, cheeks etc and how they use them, so having a tongue tie clipped is only then the beginning of a journey of learning how to use everything properly. Grace's improvements over the last week suggest she's well on the way and may not need further intervention.

Posterior tongue tie is also linked to reflux, which Grace suffers from, she started on Zantac last week, which does seem to help, worsening reflux would be another reason to get the remaining tie snipped.

We are about to set about on a major rearrangement of furniture and stuff, my dad and Andrew went to Ikea last night to purchase some new furniture to increase amount of storage, particularly for books in our living room. It's going to be a big job to build it all and do all the necessary moving.

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