Friday, July 3, 2009

poor weight gain

We decided to weigh Grace today, as tomorrow is a holiday. Unfortunately she's only put on an ounce in 6 days, she now weighs 8lb2oz. We thought things were improving and have been having her feed from me completely in the daytime, following her cues as to whether or not she appeared satisfied, meaning she only got supplements in the evening, then her overnight feeds were completely via syringe, then back to me in the morning.

This is definitely not an issue with my milk supply, I've been continuing to pump to give her a head start with my breasts being nice and full when she comes to feed.

We know what we need to do in the short term, which is to at least offer a supplement after every feed, even if she appears not to need it. This isn't easy as it requires Andrew to do it as she won't take it from me. But this doesn't give us a solution, it doesn't take us anywhere nearer to getting her fully breastfed.

So much for breastfeeding being cheaper than formula, we've spent way more this last 6 weeks than it would have cost to give her formula and the costs look set to continue as we have to extend the breastpump rental and we're being advised to rent scales, so we can measure intake at each feed and try and get a better idea of what is going on.


betsy said...

You are doing a great job making breastfeeding a priority.

Are you using breast compression to help get more into her when she nurses directly?

When I participated in a breastfeeding study with my first, I was interested to find out that she took in more than 50% of her milk during the night. When my second child was not growing well, we turned the corner by nursing him every time he began to stir in he night.


mumprime said...

yep, I'm doing breast compressions as well as other things to try and get her sucking efficiently, cheek support and chin support, I need 4 hands to do it!

I think her night habits are not helping her, she has always slept a long time the first sleep of the night, so basically only gets one feed in the night.

betsy said...

It sounds like you are doing everything right. She is still very young. Many babies need some extra support until about 5 weeks after their due dates.

I was wondering if EDS could be a contibuting factor in her nursing challenges. If so, it might explain why you are having to put in so much effort.


mumprime said...

Interesting thought, I'd never even considered it. It is possible though, my nipples are very stretchy, they've got stretchier with each baby, it's possible that she can pull them into the right place on her palate whilst also not getting enough in her mouth to stimulate me properly. I'm not sure how it might effect her ability to feed if she's inherited it. I had no difficulty feeding as a baby, was breastfed until almost a year. Other two kids have also breastfed fine and they both probably to have EDS.