Friday, July 24, 2009

Books everywhere!

We've taken advantage of the presence of my parents to do a fairly major house project. We've barely bought any more furniture since we moved here, but our house is about twice the size of our house in England. That doesn't equate to all that much extra wall space, particularly with fitted cupboards and less rooms. The one place that things looked a bit sparse and didn't really meet our needs very well was the living room. The TV was sat on an old coffee table and we had toys stacked up in boxes around it.

We've now moved a bookshelf and cabinet out of that room and replaced it with a wall of bookshelves with cupboards on the lower half and a TV unit in the middle. My parents have headed off to Victoria for the weekend and my task is to try and restore some sort of order to our books, which obviously had to be taken off the bookshelves to move them and some were in boxes anyway.

I've been attempting to put our fiction books into alphabetical order. I thought they would fit on 6 shelves and they do right now, but I rather suspect that another half shelf worth will emerge as I sort through other books. I've now got to figure out which shelf to use as the 7th whilst maintaining some kind of logic in what shelf is used for what.

Sorting out our nonfiction books will be rather more of a challenge, we have a lot of Christian books, which will all stay together, but we have a fairly wide assortment of other topics, so it could be "fun" figuring out how to group them.

Right now, I'm having a well deserved sit down!

This is also the first day that I've had significant time with all three children and no other adults, though as Grace fell asleep in my arms nearly 3 hours ago and then was quite happy to be put down, I'm having a fairly easy ride.

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