Thursday, July 9, 2009


The scales tell us that Grace got 3.8oz at her last feed, which is pretty good, though it did take her about 45 minutes and plenty of breast compressions.

We got back in touch with the OT we saw two weeks ago and now have the name of a doctor who is an expert in tongue ties, we'll make an appointment and wait and see what happens, hopefully there will be something that she can deal with, if not I don't know where we turn next.

I've really been struggling with anxiety surrounding breastfeeding, this seems to have coincided with the medication change. I was struggling with anxiety before I started on zoloft and after a couple of weeks it really seemed to make a difference. My theory is that having lost the anti anxiety effect of zoloft that my physiologically tendancy to anxiety right now has settled on something that even if everything was perfect from a mental health perspective would still likely be a cause of stress, but has then gone beyond a normal response to a challenging situation.

We see the psychiatrist again tomorrow, so I'll definitely be talking about this, I hope she can suggest something that might help. I have also been told about a Christian counselling organisation that has a clinic fairly locally, I've put calling them on my to do list for tomorrow.

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sc said...

Hi Anne, Both of our girls had tongue ties and cutting them made a HUGE difference to feeding them. But better done sooner rather than later. Hope the feeding improves soon.