Thursday, June 18, 2009

these cookies are just too good

DH, along with the help of Sausage Boy and Banana Girl, made up another batch of lactation cookies. I have now lost count of how many I have eaten, they are just soooooo yummy. I'm just so hungry right now that I can't believe that the extra calories I'm consuming are being used up by breastfeeding, but I also don't want to restrict consumption in case it does impact milk supply.

I put on a lot of weight after Banana Girl was born, part of that was making poor choices about what I ate when I ate extra, I ate a lot of chocolate, but also it was that I was physically in such a bad state that I was very inactive. I'm not sure that I'm much more active now though, it's been tiredness and a bit of dizziness that has been restricting that, I walked home from the mall on Friday and was completely done in by the time I got home.

The past couple of days I've felt worse in my lower abdomen, a different type of pain, rather than the incision feeling sore, I feel much more bruised, as if I'd been kicked. I've no reason to suspect this is anything but normal, but it's not something I expected, though I suppose I should have done as it seems all surgeries don't have a smooth road to recovery, there are peaks and dips as your body goes through different phases of the healing process and as you adjust your activities to match where you are at. I've not been lifting anything heavier than Grace, but recently I've been less careful about how I lift her, now pain levels are forcing me to be more cautious again.

I checked where dancing classes are at on the rotation through the various dances and it turns out that waltz is the standard dance for July, the first Monday in July is 6 weeks and a day post surgery, I wonder if that is overambitious or not...

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