Saturday, June 13, 2009

still here, still pumping

I'm still pumping around the clock, it's hard to tell if Grace is making any progress in learning how to transfer milk, I think we're going to have to do the weighing before and after a feed thing to see if she is managing to.

She likes to have at least two long sleeps in 24 hours, so we're not really sure if she's even taking enough in. Her random pattern makes it hard for me to do the ideal of feed her first, then pump. I'm pumping right now, as it's 3 hours since I last did so, but she seems to be deeply asleep, which means if she wakes up not long after I finish, there will be less available for her.

I seem to get slightly more milk each day, which means our fridge and freezer are getting full of milk!

I've made a concious decision that I just have to relax and enjoy the freedom that her not being an efficient nurser has given me. I'm part of a quilt group at our old church and they meet once a month on a Saturday for the full day, that was today, so I was able to go for a couple of hours and work on some hand sewing. It was also my first time driving, which went fine. Tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower for someone from church, the first time I've ever been to one!

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