Thursday, June 18, 2009

pumped in the car

I did a pumping session in the car today, it was after Grace had fed at the breast whilst we were out and then refused to take a supplement from me, but I still got 9oz, which is loads!

I took her in to see the lactation consultant this afternoon and we did the weighing before and after a feed thing to get a measure of how much she consumed and we came up with 54ml, which is spot on what she needs, providing she does that 10 times a day.

She thinks Grace is ready to get the vast majority of her milk directly, but am I ready to give that? The feed we measured required me to be actively involved, watching her latch, doing breast compressions, waking her up and relatching her if she started to get lazy etc. not just letting her do her thing. I'm also concerned that maybe she only did so well at that feed because of all the work I'm doing to increase supply with pumping. There are still some signs that she is less than perfect at stimulating me correctly, so I'm anxious that if I stop pumping after her next weight check (as is suggested), that we'll be back to square one again.

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