Sunday, June 14, 2009

over ambitious?

Keeping on with my cook one recipe in bulk each week plan, I settled on Chicken Biryani. In theory it should be pretty straight forward, even though the ingredient list is quite long, basically you partially cook the rice, with some spices, then cook onions and chicken with more spices, then stick it all in a casserole dish to bake in the oven, along with a few other ingredients, at which point I'll freeze it, rather than cook it.

I've ended up having to buy quite a few spices to do this, hopefully they are ones I'll use again. I don't own a pestle and mortar, so I had to buy both whole cloves and ground ones. Also, buying online meant I had to buy a fixed quantity of fresh ginger root, thankfully, I know that it's something that freezes well and I have another recipe up my sleeves that requires it!

Tomorrow we will have Banana Girl's slightly belated 4th birthday party, I'm really grateful to friends for helping make this happen, our role in organising it has been very minimal, we bought and filled a pinata.

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