Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grace's nursing

This is for my own records, it's a week since we saw the occupational therapist, so it seems a good time to record where she is at.

Her lip curling has improved, I used to have to correct both her lips every single time she latched, now it's only occasional, I need to keep more of an eye on whether it's her lower or upper lip that needs to be adjusted.

Despite this, her latch is still shallow and often painful :-(. Nipples are still chisel shaped after feeding.

She still chomps her chin up and down rather than forwards and backwards, using a finger to support her lower jaw seems to make this worse not better, as if she's trying to push your finger away. Cheek support does appear to help.

She shows definite preference to nursing on my right breast, particularly in side lieing position. She often shows resistance to nursing on my left breast in cradle or cross cradle hold and thrashes around a lot. This is a shame as my left breast had always been the better producer, so she'd probably find it easier to get a full feed if she'd spend more time there. I'm confident that her left breast issues are not related to oversupply or overactive let down as if she is resisting it she'll resist right from being help in that position.

My supply is finally taking a hit from the reduced pumping schedule, it's still ok as I can still pump enough in the daytime to meet her overnight and supplement needs, but I'll need to be careful it doesn't decrease further.


sharalyns said...

((hugs)) Sweetie! One thing you may want to get checked out is if she possibly has any torticollis going on. One of my friend's babies had it, and it *really* interfered with her nursing until she took her to a chiropractor. The gentle movements (not the neck cracking kind) helped after just two visits, and she nursed liek a champ for 2 years after that. There's a great chiropractor in Bellevue that has experience in specifically this that I could recommend if you like.

mumprime said...

Send me the name please! Ironically the last couple of days she hasn't been frantic on that side, but has been equal on both sides, still painful though. I think our insurance covers chiropracters for everyone (I know it gives me upto 24 sessions), so that makes it a little easier to give it a try.

sharalyns said...

Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan


Tell her Sharalyn Shafer sent you her way (and no, none of us are patients, although we would be if we were closer to her).

mumprime said...

Thanks I'll look into that, for a few days I thought we'd got past the being frantic on the left hand side, but it's come back in the past couple of days.