Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Monday

My day began with Andrew rushing into the bedroom at five to ten, thrusting breakfast at me and asking me what time we needed to leave for my 10.30 appointment, oops, didn't occur to any of us that an alarm might be required to be on time for something at 10.30am!

We were late, but fortunately the psychiatrist was running late too. I told her how I'd been feeling this last week and she thinks it's too soon to change things, so I'm to keep on with the same meds. My vit D levels are very low, so I'm to take a huge dose twice a week, along with the smaller dose I've been taking daily for a while, she thinks that should have an effect pretty quickly.

I spent some of the rest of the day ironing for buggy barn night at quilt group. I should have stuck to my instincts and not taken my sewing machine, I was pretty sure I'd need all the time to cut and that is indeed what happened. On the way home, I realised how much I'd enjoyed the night, which I find encouraging, I've mostly managed to keep attending quilt group, but have just been going through the motions, rather than enjoying things.

Monday is also shopping arrival day, the recipe I plan to prepare tomorrow is a nice easy one, sticky ginger chicken, basically I make a marinade from lemon juice, sugar, ginger and soy sauce then skin a whole load of chicken drumsticks and throw it all in the freezer.

Amongst all that I managed to squeeze in watching some of Wimbledon, following the Andy Murray match into a tense 5th set. If he makes it to the final, that's one thing I'll definitely be setting an alarm for!

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