Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breastfeeding challenges

I'm probably being totally paranoid, but as my breasts have changed very rapidly from extremly engorged to feeling deflated, I've been worried that for some reason Grace just isn't stimulating me quite right and that she's not getting enough milk. The reality checks of her diaper counts and weight gain all being ok aren't quite reassurring me.

One issue is that she has some kind of tongue tie, it's not a full blown one, my nipples would be feeling an awful lot worse if it was, but it's enough to make me wonder if we should get it snipped.

My paranoia led to a dash to Whole Foods last night to get ingredients for lactation cookies and various herbal teas to try and up supply. This could all be overkill, but it feels good to actually do something. DH galantly made up a batch of the cookie dough, substituting rice flour, potato flour and xanthan gum for regular flour and they really are great cookies, so regardless of any lactation related properties they are a good cookie recipe. For several years now I've included oats as part of my basic cookie recipe, I think the extra yumminess of these must come from the flax seed meal as my previous experiences with flax seed products have always tasted good. Given we now have a huge jar of brewer's yeast, I won't be experimenting with leaving that out to see if that's a less essential ingredient taste wise.

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