Monday, May 11, 2009

woo hoo, knitting on target

45 pattern repeats completed! I may even do more tonight as whilst the pattern is time consuming, it is fairly easy, so it's ideal in front of the TV knitting and tonight is Dancing with the Stars, the first time I've really watched the US version, in part because it usually clashed with me actually dancing myself!

Yesterday was mothers day in the US, which means lots of sales and our local yarn store had a really good one, 30% off yarn and 10% of everything else. It's the kind of store that mostly stocks pricier, luxury yarns, leaving the cheaper yarns to stores like JoAnns, so 30% off makes the difference between leaving something on the shelf and it coming home with you! I had picked out a couple of different patterns I was interested in getting yarn for and in the end stumbled across a deliciously soft fine yarn called Panda Silk, a blend of bamboo, wool and silk. It's a little finer than the pattern I had in mind, but the pattern had 3 sizes, so I'm knitting the middle one and crossing my fingers, so far the section I've knitted looks the perfect size.

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