Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where we're at...

I've been having a hard time the last few weeks, but not in the way I expected, physically I'm doing a lot better than I expected, that doesn't mean I'm doing great, but I'm still fairly mobile and no sign of any kind of global flare up of pain as in my last pregnancy.

Having previously had postnatal depression, that puts me at risk for a repeat, but it seems to have struck sooner. Fortunately we've been surrounded by lots of wonderful people who are helping out in so many ways and we are working with a great psychiatrist to try and get the right combination of meds.

This has had an impact on our birth plans, as my coping ability has changed dramatically, so we're now intending on a hospital birth and are still trying to figure out whether that will be vaginal or c-section. It's really hard to place any kind of number on the chances of having pelvic or hip problems after a vaginal birth, not that I even really know what that number would have to be for me to decide a c-section is definitely what I want. We meet with the doctor again on Thursday.

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