Saturday, May 23, 2009

This feels wierd.

Right now I'm sat letting my computer rip some Christian music CDs to my Zune, to give me something to listen to whilst in the hospital. It's a funny mixture of emotions that are going through my head right now, I don't know how much of them result from the delivery being via c-section, or from the general difficulties I've had with getting used to the idea of having this baby.

Delivering a baby vaginally has always meant the arrival of the baby is linked with a blessed relief from pain (for me that was even with epidurals!). It's rather like running a race and winning a prize.

With a c-section there is much less of a process to go through and I'll be a passive participant in it, I hope to watch in a mirror, or by having the drapes lowered, but I think I'll still feel some amount of detachment from what is going on. The arrival of the baby, rather than being a blessed relief, marks the start of a long recovery.

Because it's an early start tomorrow, a friend has taken the kids already, so everything is quiet here, they'd be asleep anyway, but it will be wierd tomorrow morning. I gave Sausage Boy my cell phone, so that we can call him direct to announce the arrival, he seems very chuffed by this and has already called DH's cell phone to let me know that he loves me!

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sharalyns said...

Well wishes to you this morning! Can't wait for that announcement!