Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grace Elizabeth


This is actually Grace on day 3, just about to leave the hospital. The c-section went very smoothly, I feel very blessed to have had such a good birth experience, even though it was not at all what we had planned. She weighed 7lb4oz, born 9.58am, 24th May.

The few days after the birth weren't the smoothest, she wouldn't feed at all the first day, so I was very relieved I had pumped colostrum in advance and got started with more pumping. Then she showed symptoms of low blood sugar, which testing confirmed, so it was off to NICU for her. She didn't respond to my attempts to feed her there, but finally fed when she came back to my room just before discharge. She's now feeding fairly well, but not as frequently as we'd like.

I'll post more pictures as I sort through them and as we take some more!
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sharalyns said...

She's beautiful!