Friday, May 22, 2009

got the go ahead

Baby's lungs are mature, so we're definitely on for Sunday morning at 9. We have to get to the hospital at 7am. The kids are going to a friend on Saturday evening, it will be good not to have to deal with them Sunday morning, but I will miss them, I like to have them around before things like this, in the past it has helped me to have them there for dental treatment.

One slight issue right now is that our tumble drier vent is blocked, which means we can't use it. We don't have a massive supply of baby clothes, so things could get interesting.

I spoke with the anaethesiologist and he thinks I shouldn't have long acting morphine in my spinal due to narcolepsy. Even though everyone seems to think this is great for pain relief, I had been a bit concerned that it might be too good with the vulnerable state of my hip and pelvis. Seems like I'm a bit of a complicated patient, but I'm glad everyone is doing their research, rather than just assuming the unknown is ok.

We are finally sorted with a car, we have a Gold 2006 8 seater Toyota Sienna, we are so blessed that everything came together to allow us to buy this without taking any loans. Currently we have Sausage Boy sitting in the back row, and the middle seat removed from the middle row, he thinks it would be much cooler to have all the seats in, so he has to climb over them! As I expected the third row would be a tight squeeze, or maybe even impossible for 3, once you have a car seat in there, so it being an 8 seater will allow 7 to sit comfortably which will be useful when parents are visiting. We need to do some experimenting as to where the baby will sit and that may well be different initially to what works later on. Banana Girl really struggled with the car early on and it would have been good to be able to sit in the back with her, this time we actually have that option!

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betsy said...

I hope everything goes great tomorrow.

If I lived near you, I'd volunteer to unclog your dryer vent, since being able to easily do laundry at home makes a big difference with kids.

We have an 8 passenger 2007 Toyota Sienna. We driven others around and have had as many as 5 car seats in it, 3 in the back row, two in the middle row and an adult riding in the side of the middle row. Ours doesn't have latch anchors for the back left seat and I really wish it did.

We have usually had the infant seat in the center of the middle row, however it is a two step process to lift it up and in. Having it on the side would be much easier.