Thursday, May 21, 2009

c-section Sunday

It turned out I didn't even have to say I think I want to go the c-section route, my doctor had consulted with other doctors in the area, including ones that specialise in high risk pregnancy and they all felt a c-section would be best for me, which I glady consented to!

Then it was a case of determining when this would happen, we left the appointment last Thursday thinking it would be Wednesday or Friday next week, but over the weekend I experienced some symptoms of high blood pressure, as well as some signs of impending labour, so when we met with the perinatologist on Monday we ended up scheduling an amnio to check for lung maturity for Friday.

I've also had further deterioration of my hips and pelvis, meaning on Monday I resorted to using crutches when I left the house.

All this led to the obstetrician announcing on Tuesday that she wanted to deliver on Sunday morning and didn't feel comfortable waiting any longer. So we are scheduled for 9 am on Sunday, assuming the amnio results are fine. Even if they aren't we may still end up delivering on Sunday after getting steroids to mature baby's lungs. She's confident that baby will be ready, we had a scan on Monday and there are signs from that that things are ready.

It's been hard for me to get things ready at home as I'm so immobile, but friends have been helping out in various ways and I'm confident we'll have things sorted out.

I saw my physical therapist today and it was useful to discuss with her things I might be careful about for recovery. One thing I was worrying about was pressure to mobilise quickly after surgery, her suggestion is that I should mobilise, but should do so with a walker, to minimise strain to my pelvis.

We saw my psychiatrist yesterday and we have a plan for medication, she feels confident I'm going to do well and it does seem that we're finally getting to a place where the Zoloft is having a good effect.

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