Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy PNW weather

It's not just the British that talk about weather, it's often a hot topic here in the PNW too. Given what it manages to do, it's a pretty good topic! On Wednesday it was snowing, though not sticking, only a 100 or so feet higher and it was (we're at about 500 feet), the temperature might have crept into the 40s at the warmest point of the day, for the Brits, that's maybe hitting 7 deg C!

Today, it's like a switch has been flipped, it's not just warm pleasant spring weather, but warm enough to turn your car into an oven when you go into a store for 15 minutes, we don't have a thermometer, but the nearest weather station is saying 75F, i.e. 24 deg C. Of course none of us were really dressed for it, kids were wearing long sleeved t-shirts, shoes and socks etc. I'd taken my winter coat out with me and a cardigan, as it turned out I didn't even need the cardigan!

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