Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I really can't get my head round the fact that it's April, time seems to have flown since Christmas, some of the days drag, but overall it seems to have raced by!

School finishes much earlier here than in the UK, I think Banana Girl's last day at preschool will be 28th May - coincindentally that's big brother's birthday, she'll get her school birthday celebration sometime in the run up to the last day, they are very good at making sure every child get's to have their special day. Sausage Boy's last day is 12th June, with graduation the night before, seems wierd that they graduate from kindergarten, but as they will all be leaving the school it seems nice they get to do something, though given how close that is to my due date, June 14th, I've no idea if we'll be there, I doubt I'll feel up to it if I'm still pregnant, but if I've had the baby it may well be too soon to go out to something like that!

This week is spring break, it's coincidence more than anything that it has Easter weekend at the end, Good Friday and Easter Monday are not holidays here like they are in the UK. Banana Girl will have gymnastics as usual and I have an appointment, so it's just a normal day, which feels a bit wierd.

A friend brought round a load of baby stuff on Sunday, so now it feels like we have slightly less to actually obtain, we're intending to get a cosleeper, we also need cloth diapers and some clothes! The really big thing is that we need to get a car that can fit 3 car seats in, as it's impossible in our car, regardless of what seats we buy, it's a smallish car, but it's partly the shape of the cushions in the back seat, along with the fact that US car seats are generally much bigger than UK ones.

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