Sunday, April 19, 2009

another beautiful memory

Sausage Boy was wanting to help me out by acting as scribe. I asked him to head the paper "Mummy's List", Daddy told him that he would need to put an apostrophe and an S on the end of Mummy and he wrote list correctly with little thought, then we looked back over what he had written, it was "Mummy!s list", we explained his error of the exclaimation mark instead of the apostrophe and praised him for being able to do list so easily. It was a beautiful chuckle as he thought his mistake was funny as well as being pleased he'd got the rest right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mummy milk

Apparently mummy milk, just like every other kind of milk, comes from the fridge! Oh dear, we've talked about babies eating mummy milk quite a bit, but we obviously missed the bit about how it gets from mummy to baby!

Friday, April 10, 2009

so cute!

In the midst of realising her nakedness means she's wet herself and we're already running late, you can't help but smile at an almost 4 year old proudly marching around with her new pink sandals on her feet and a shoe box on her head. I'm glad she likes her sandals, but the shoe box on her head really finished her "outfit" off. Shame I didn't get a picture, but I'm saving the image in my head!

Rear ended

DH kindly took Banana Girl to gymnastics this morning, on the way back, someone ran into him at traffic lights, apparently she was already stopped, then her foot slipped off the break. Rather frustrating as we need to get a replacement car within a month or so. Apparently the other party don't want to involve insurance, not sure if I feel comfortable with this, you really have no guarantees, they will actually pay, or their cheque is valid etc.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I really can't get my head round the fact that it's April, time seems to have flown since Christmas, some of the days drag, but overall it seems to have raced by!

School finishes much earlier here than in the UK, I think Banana Girl's last day at preschool will be 28th May - coincindentally that's big brother's birthday, she'll get her school birthday celebration sometime in the run up to the last day, they are very good at making sure every child get's to have their special day. Sausage Boy's last day is 12th June, with graduation the night before, seems wierd that they graduate from kindergarten, but as they will all be leaving the school it seems nice they get to do something, though given how close that is to my due date, June 14th, I've no idea if we'll be there, I doubt I'll feel up to it if I'm still pregnant, but if I've had the baby it may well be too soon to go out to something like that!

This week is spring break, it's coincidence more than anything that it has Easter weekend at the end, Good Friday and Easter Monday are not holidays here like they are in the UK. Banana Girl will have gymnastics as usual and I have an appointment, so it's just a normal day, which feels a bit wierd.

A friend brought round a load of baby stuff on Sunday, so now it feels like we have slightly less to actually obtain, we're intending to get a cosleeper, we also need cloth diapers and some clothes! The really big thing is that we need to get a car that can fit 3 car seats in, as it's impossible in our car, regardless of what seats we buy, it's a smallish car, but it's partly the shape of the cushions in the back seat, along with the fact that US car seats are generally much bigger than UK ones.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy PNW weather

It's not just the British that talk about weather, it's often a hot topic here in the PNW too. Given what it manages to do, it's a pretty good topic! On Wednesday it was snowing, though not sticking, only a 100 or so feet higher and it was (we're at about 500 feet), the temperature might have crept into the 40s at the warmest point of the day, for the Brits, that's maybe hitting 7 deg C!

Today, it's like a switch has been flipped, it's not just warm pleasant spring weather, but warm enough to turn your car into an oven when you go into a store for 15 minutes, we don't have a thermometer, but the nearest weather station is saying 75F, i.e. 24 deg C. Of course none of us were really dressed for it, kids were wearing long sleeved t-shirts, shoes and socks etc. I'd taken my winter coat out with me and a cardigan, as it turned out I didn't even need the cardigan!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

side effects

The terbutaline I'm supposed to take if I have more than 6 contractions per hour is really unpleasant, it makes me feel sick, makes me tremor, my heart races, I get hot and sweaty, generally don't feel good at all.

I woke up with some pretty strong contractions this morning, not sure whether they woke me, or I woke up and then noticed them, it doesn't bode well for the effectiveness of resting if after 8 hours in bed they come on that strong and frequent.

The medication has some effect, but it's not stunning, if I counted I suspect I'd still be above 6 an hour even at the peak of it's effect.

For some reason last night and this morning I had an impending sense of doom that my waters were going to break, I don't really trust impeding senses of doom as predictors of real life, so I don't think it means anything, I think it might be a case of my brain interpreting pressure I'm feeling down below as something it's possibly related to.

I don't really understand how it's possible that from the outside I look to be carrying very high, but to be also feeling so much pressure from the inside. I hope I'm not having a giant baby!




Sausage Girl is rather proud of her new haircut, she says it looks like one of her friends. I think it makes her look more grown up, though I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that! She has fine hair that doesn't really hold a bob that well, already there are bits that want to curl the wrong direction.

The light is bad today and our house in general does provide very good backdrops, so I played a bit with image manipulation and managed to get her face in colour and everything else in black and white.
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