Monday, March 30, 2009

not great...

I had to pay a visit to the hospital on Saturday evening. I suppose I could view it as a chance to see what the childbirth area looked like, not that I'm planning to use it!

However that I was having such regular and slighly painful contractions was not such a good thing. My cervix has shortened since Tuesday, but a test called foetal fibronectin test came back negative. This is very good news as it means the chance of delivering within 2 weeks is very low. Seems like these contractions are very slowly making slight changes to the cervix.

I've been digging around for research and it seems like most studies indicate at least some benefit to drugs, which makes it then seem bizarre that many countries other than the USA don't use them, other than to allow transfer to somewhere with suitable facilities or time for steroids to work.

Bedrest on the otherhand has no supporting evidence, but also very few studies. It's also treated as a completely benign intervention, which it isn't, muscles atrophy and the risk of blood clots go up within a very short time. Plus all the social and economic consequences.

I was very busy last week, so taking it a bit easier does make some sense. I will take the medication prescribed as needed, though I still feel uncomfortable with that, it also makes me feel very jittery.

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