Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well the check on my cervix wasn't as reassuring as hoped, it's soft and 1cm dilated. Unfortunately state of cervix and predicting preterm labour isn't an exact science, as some changes are normal and the range of what is normal changes from a first pregnancy to subsequent pregnancies. Very roughly, in first pregnancies it's normal to thin and soften before any dilation occurs, after that, dilation often occurs without thinning or softening.

Add in pregnancy history and there are encouraging and discouraging things, encouraging is that I did have several episodes of regular contractions but still just get to term with my first. Discouraging is that I had less cervical change than this 24 hours before delivering my 2nd and that was despite various attempts to actually get some changes occurring!

I'm fairly sure that if I was with a traditional US obstetric practice I'd currently be on bedrest and medication, neither of which there is any strong evidence for. I did do a lot of resting when this was happening in my first pregnancy, but mainly for pain control as then, it really did seem like activity and contractions were related. If it gets to a point where we do have to start involving a doctor, it could get tricky as I think we'd have very different opinions as to what to, but equally I do need them because we would do steroids and there may well be situations where we would consider drugs.

Yesterday was 28+3, which marks a significant fraction in my bizarre attempt to count something! 24 weeks of knowing about this pregnancy, so 2/3 of the way - which actually doesn't seem all that great as it's the worst 1/3 to come!

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