Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glad I wrote that last post

I really needed to read it just now, I checked to see what I had written previously before writing a new post and being reminded of those feelings was really helpful.

My mood is still pretty rocky, I was so low when I woke up this morning that I really wanted to scrub all my plans for today, which weren't exactly stellar, involving a visit to the chiropractor and a plan to go to the gym. DH didn't make it to the gym yesterday, so he said he'd meet me there, as I walked out of the chiropractor and saw it had started to rain, I really wanted to just call him and say no, but somehow I managed to force myself to go.

I did 20 mins on the treadmill and some stretching before he made it and we didn't spend all that long doing some weights, but I think if I manage to repeat what we did a couple of times a week it will make a difference, I've really been starting to feel that the backs and insides of my thighs are weak and I think having reasonable strength in my legs might help take some of the strain off my back. I really felt my mood lift during that time, which helped me keep active this afternoon and hopefully reduce the chances of stiffening up.

I've sunk a bit now, but I'm sure in part that is to do with having to go to the dentist tomorrow! Thankfully it will be the last time for a while.

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