Saturday, March 7, 2009

freezer dramas

We had to throw out a moderate amount of food after we noticed some things in our freezer were not actually frozen. On further investigation, the temperature control dial which appeared to be set to the coldest setting wouldn't actually move.

As there was some frost built up we decided we'd better at least defrost it. Thankfully we have another, larger freezer outside and Friday night was cold so we could put the contents of the fridge on the deck.

To access the plug we had to pull the unit out from the wall, good job we did as it was really dirty underneath, whether it was just 2 and a bit years worth of dirt or an awful lot longer I do not know!

Andrew was about to start taking it apart to see if we could figure out why the control didn't move, when he noticed that it did in fact move! We plugged it back in and this morning it definitely felt cool, it's also making an awful lot more noise than a few days ago, I hadn't noticed the lack of noise, but with it's return, I realised it's absense.

Considering how little frost there was in there, I'm really surprised it was enough to stop it working, we're talking about when I scrapped it out after a couple of hours of being turned off there was less around a cup full of ice, I've seen freezers with inches of ice still apparently working!

Whatever the reason, the good news is that it's working, I don't think we could have justified a new one at this time given we do actually have the other freezer, but it would have been very inconvenient as it's in the garage and we have to go outside to get to it, not great in PNW rain!

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