Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big brother the hairdresser

I tried to get pictures of this, but they really aren't very good, probably because Banana Girl was wearing a polo neck top. I happened to mention at dinner that she really needed a hair cut, but I was meaning her fringe and maybe a trim to the rest of it.

However whilst I was in the bath and Andrew was clearing up, supposedly with the kids helping him, they nipped into the bathroom and Sausage Boy set off on the task of cutting her hair, she must have been relatively compliant with this as the first thing Andrew heard were verbal comments from Sausage Boy.

Net result is the back section of her hair has been cut to about her hairline, with the rest untouched. I think it will probably go ok into a bob, if done by a professional, which means first thing tomorrow morning I'll be calling hairdressers, begging to be squeezed in tomorrow!

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