Monday, March 23, 2009

28 week pictures





I actually remembered to take photos on that day I was 28 weeks AND in the day time! I think baby has shifted around in the past few days, I don't feel my size has increased as much from 24 to 28 weeks as from 20 to 24 weeks. The muscles and ligaments around the sides of my belly are really feeling the strain, I don't really recognise this feeling, but I suppose it being the 3rd times these ligaments have done this could be contributing. I have found one trick, I had some large size tubigrip I'd been given by a physio in the UK as a pelvic support, it was useless for that, but I cut a section long enough to go from right under my boobs, down to the bottom of the bump, it really seems to help.

Unfortunately I've started feeling a lot of contractions in the past few days, I'm quite clearly someone who is prone to this and it made the last 10 weeks or so of my first pregnancy pretty miserable. I didn't have anywhere near so much trouble in my second pregnancy. It's hard not to wonder if repeated contractions affected the placenta and growth of the baby as it was my first that was growth restricted in the uterus. It's also worrying that the baby could come early, my waters broke at barely 37 weeks with my first.

However this time I feel that my midwives are more supportive with tricks to try and stop things, genuine signs of preterm labour are really hard to pin down and is much more likely to be diagnosed and treated agressively in the US than the UK, but they don't seem to have any less preterm babies, the risks of the drugs used don't really seem to be well studied. I think if it were possible to say definitely you'd have a baby within a certain amount of time without treatment then it would be easier to make any decisions on treatment, but my current feeling is that unpleasant though these contractions are, that the drug route is potentially too much risk for an unquantifiable benefit. So far I've started taking a magnesium supplement and when I spoke on the phone to one of the midwives today she mentioned a herbal tincture, which we'll discuss when I see her tomorrow. She'll also check my cervix, which will hopefully be reassurring.
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