Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yesterdays competition

Things really did not go well yesterday, I danced very badly in cha cha in both events, though the other dances went fairly well. I've just seen the results break down and there is no difference in our marks for cha cha over any other dance, which really has to make you wonder about the quality of the judging, our cha cha in silver was really really dire, but out other dance seemed to go quite well, we are constantly reminded that it's not how it feels, but how it looks, but I can tell the difference between not actually dancing with my partner for a third or so of the music and doing that. Our two bad competitions have been two events in a series of three held each year, I'm wondering if in future, rather than seeing them as practice events (they are cheap), we should just skip them. All that is up in the air as I don't plan to do any more events whilst pregnant and until we see how things progress and how delivery goes, there is no way of really knowing when I'll get back to competing.

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