Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got through the root canal! It was touch and go though. I wanted DH to come with me and we'd arranged it so it was on a day that both kids were in school. But we woke up to 3 inches of snow and closed schools! We brought them along and then when the nurse came to take me back he said he was staying in the waiting room, I freaked as this was really not the point of bringing him along, I needed my hand held! It turned out to be fine to bring them back and they were really behaved, I shed a few tears and didn't want to do it, I feared both the numbing up and how it would feel getting it done as you still feel stuff going on even if you don't feel pain and I'm not good at holding my mouth open.

To numb me up they held stuff against the spot they would inject, which seemed to work, but then the first injection I didn't feel numb at all, but the 2nd did the trick, I should have asked what the drugs were, but they did say something about the 2nd being to make it last, it seemed like that was what made it work! Once they'd got me numb, we sent DH and the kids away and got to work. There was a spot on the back of my head and another in my jaw that were pretty sore by the end and I could feel the right side of my neck stiffening up, but the actual sensations were fine, I seemed to get a bit irritated by the dam on my upper lip, but there is nothing visible, the smell of stuff they used to clean the inside of each canal was wierd and the heat they use to get the filling in position was fairly unpleasant, but the vibrations were fine, I think I felt the wind over my nose from the machine more than anything further down. It turned out my tooth had 4 canals in it rather than the usual three, which is just my luck!

I'm surprised how tired I feel now, I suppose my body is working hard to break down the local anesthetic drugs, I've not really noticed any reduction in the numbness yet and whilst I can swallow and move eveything fine, it feels really wierd to swallow.

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