Friday, February 6, 2009

I really enjoyed the trip to San Jose, I was getting a bit anxious that the long drive would be a major cause of pain, but amazingly, it wasn't. The trip down ended up taking a long time, we had a tire blowout on a bridge coming into San Francisco and though it didn't take long to sort that out, it did mean we had to take a detour to the rental place at the airport and switch cars, then we ended up being in traffic all the way to San Jose.

The Saturday night dancing included a show by the current World Professional Standard Champions, there first dance, I honestly wondered what all the fuss was about, but it went up from there. The final dance they performed was the quickstep, and that was amazing to be able to get all the body shapes they acheived but keep the movement at the pace they did was just stunning, seems like everyone else agreed as they got a standing ovation!

One thing I'd not been looking forward to was all the tanning I knew I'd need to do, but I surprised myself and had a very relaxed just gotta do what I've gotta do approach to it. I used a final coat of a spray on tan, which I've not done before and it really was worth it, it's one task you really cannot do yourself though and making my top half match my legs involved pulling my dress down to the boobs in the corridor outside the ballroom!

We were pretty pleased with out results, our main event, Pre-Novice Latin, we came 3rd out of 5 and in one dance we almost got 2nd. Pre-Novice is a syllabus event, so it allows choreography up to Gold level, we are currently dancing Silver choreography. One of the couples we beat was in another event that we saw, but the others we didn't see at all, so we've no idea how close it was.

This weekend is a local competition, which will be my final event, which I'm not thrilled about, but the calendar looks fairly empty anyway over the next few weeks, there is an event in Portland, OR in March, but realistically I don't think I'd be in good enough condition to do that. I'm running low on fake tan and I went into the shop yesterday and they had none but should have been getting some in later in the day, but when I went in today, it hadn't arrived, so now I have a dilema, I'm pretty sure I only have enough left to coat my arms or my legs, which is more important? It also means I probably shouldn't have a shower tonight, which is rather frustrating.

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