Saturday, February 14, 2009

Different every time

It appears that every pregnancy is different, I'm carrying this one a lot higher than Sausage Boy and Banana Girl. This means I've been getting pressure on my stomach and thus eating smaller sized meals for ages, I suppose that's a good way of controlling weight gain. On the bright size it may also be keeping the pressure off my pelvis a bit, which is definitely not pain free and is worse than at this stage in previous pregnancies, but considering the beating it went through at the last birth, has been better than I expected. I think it's stressing higher up my back more though and it's making getting comfortable in bed harder as when I lie down, the bump really seems to pull my spine into a twist, which might feel ok at that moment in time, but I'll definitely regret it in the middle of the night when the muscles on one side will have gone into spasm!

I had good intentions for valentines day, but none of them happened, so it turned into an extra mother's day. Sausage Boy had made a very sweet gift at school, it was an empty box with a note inside saying it was full of his kisses and to take one out whenever you feel lonesome. I also got two bunches of flowers!

We went out for sushi in the evening, I love sushi, I mean really love sushi, to the extent that it's the only place we go out! The kids love it too, though they choose completely different dishes to us.

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