Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got through the root canal! It was touch and go though. I wanted DH to come with me and we'd arranged it so it was on a day that both kids were in school. But we woke up to 3 inches of snow and closed schools! We brought them along and then when the nurse came to take me back he said he was staying in the waiting room, I freaked as this was really not the point of bringing him along, I needed my hand held! It turned out to be fine to bring them back and they were really behaved, I shed a few tears and didn't want to do it, I feared both the numbing up and how it would feel getting it done as you still feel stuff going on even if you don't feel pain and I'm not good at holding my mouth open.

To numb me up they held stuff against the spot they would inject, which seemed to work, but then the first injection I didn't feel numb at all, but the 2nd did the trick, I should have asked what the drugs were, but they did say something about the 2nd being to make it last, it seemed like that was what made it work! Once they'd got me numb, we sent DH and the kids away and got to work. There was a spot on the back of my head and another in my jaw that were pretty sore by the end and I could feel the right side of my neck stiffening up, but the actual sensations were fine, I seemed to get a bit irritated by the dam on my upper lip, but there is nothing visible, the smell of stuff they used to clean the inside of each canal was wierd and the heat they use to get the filling in position was fairly unpleasant, but the vibrations were fine, I think I felt the wind over my nose from the machine more than anything further down. It turned out my tooth had 4 canals in it rather than the usual three, which is just my luck!

I'm surprised how tired I feel now, I suppose my body is working hard to break down the local anesthetic drugs, I've not really noticed any reduction in the numbness yet and whilst I can swallow and move eveything fine, it feels really wierd to swallow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

root canal tomorrow

I'm scheduled for 9.15. I'm feeling rather anxious about this. It's about 15 years since I've been numbed up for dental treatment and I don't have good memories of it. I've had mixed experiences with local anesthetics, some that haven't worked, some that have been very painful to insert and others when theoretically it may have worked but whatever was being done caused enough non painful sensations to still be very unpleasant. I'm also concerned about them actually being able to get to the back of my mouth, which can be tricky as my mouth is small with quite a tight opening. I also have quite a strong gag reflex. My mum got a root canal not long ago and unintentionally bit the dentist, so she had to be sedated, but being pregnant I'm not sure that is an option.

Dental health is linked to pregnancy outcomes, which I think is one of the reasons dental treatment is free in pregnancy and for a year afterwards in the UK. I've no idea if this tooth is currently infected, but it must be quite vulnerable given the amount that is missing. Amazingly it has barely caused any pain, but in the past couple of weeks I've had some moments of very intense pain when I've drunk very cold water, so it does seem to be deteriorating. Getting to the point of accepting this does need to be done and I'll have to go through with it has been hard, I'm not sure how I'll feel if we don't actually manage to get it done tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Showing affection


One way Banana Girl shows affection is to blow raspberries, in the middle of a session of providing this service to Runner Bean she paused to express herself in a more conventional manner.
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24 week pictures


Ok, I really have to stop moaning about how big I am because looking at this picture, I'm pretty tiny, I think the angle and the zig zag stripes contrive to make me look even smaller. However I'm definitely "big for me", we found I picture of me at 28 weeks with Banana Girl and it's much of a muchness with how I am now.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

big blue veins

My hands have been hurting this afternoon, closer inspection reveals the veins on the back of my hand are very prominent, I think the medical term for this is "poor venous return". Thankfully I've never had a varicose vein, they are more common in pregnancy, so I've never found out why this is the case, but I'm guessing it's something to do with this and thus I'm assuming this is a pregnancy thing, but I really hope it's only temporarily as this ache is surprisingly annoying.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Need a hand model!



One of my frustrations when I got engaged was not being able to take a good picture of the ring, to share with people that might not see me until the wedding day. Now it's my inability to frame a photo that's the issue, not the camera. Also, taking a picture one handed with a heavy camera is surprisingly hard.
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Valentine's Flowers



I'm trying to learn the various features of our new camera, one is the ability to shoot things close up. It's always been one of my frustrations that this hasn't been possible with previous cameras, however 20 years of not shooting things close up is a hard habit to get out of. I was blessed with two bunches of flowers on Valentine's day, so playing around with them as the topic was an obvious choice! The results were mixed, these are probably the best ones.
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February Quest for the Best



A couple of pictures from the competition Sausage Boy did last weekend. The thing with little kids is strange things happen when you send them out on to the floor, the chances they will do anything like they did in practice is very remote. They are improving and they are having fun, which is the main point! They are still by far the youngest competing, but the gap is definitely getting closer and they don't usually seem to mind coming last, Kalinka was really pleased that the ribbon they got was pink!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Different every time

It appears that every pregnancy is different, I'm carrying this one a lot higher than Sausage Boy and Banana Girl. This means I've been getting pressure on my stomach and thus eating smaller sized meals for ages, I suppose that's a good way of controlling weight gain. On the bright size it may also be keeping the pressure off my pelvis a bit, which is definitely not pain free and is worse than at this stage in previous pregnancies, but considering the beating it went through at the last birth, has been better than I expected. I think it's stressing higher up my back more though and it's making getting comfortable in bed harder as when I lie down, the bump really seems to pull my spine into a twist, which might feel ok at that moment in time, but I'll definitely regret it in the middle of the night when the muscles on one side will have gone into spasm!

I had good intentions for valentines day, but none of them happened, so it turned into an extra mother's day. Sausage Boy had made a very sweet gift at school, it was an empty box with a note inside saying it was full of his kisses and to take one out whenever you feel lonesome. I also got two bunches of flowers!

We went out for sushi in the evening, I love sushi, I mean really love sushi, to the extent that it's the only place we go out! The kids love it too, though they choose completely different dishes to us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

annoying virus

Well, I assume it's a virus. I keep feeling like I am getting a cold, or having a mild one, it's been very on off, one day I'll feel fine, next day I'll feel rough, but not genuinely ill, this has been going on for about 9 days now. It now seems to have turned into a cough, it's bad enough that my chest is hurting, but no shortness of breath or anything like that. Unfortunately I have a habit of when I get a cough it sticking around for a while, which I'm definitely not looking forward to.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A lot of people yell half way at 20 weeks of pregnancy, which considering that best case scenario is finding out a few days before 4 weeks and delivery could be at 42 weeks, is mathematically incorrect (which I just couldn't do!) and psychologically not very helpful either. Assuming I do deliver by 40+3 (not unreasonable considering I've never gone past my due date before) and given that we found out at 4+3, today, when I am 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant really is half way. Woo hoo!

The 2nd half is likely to be more difficult than the first half. There will also be more appointments as my midwives move from 4 weekly to 2 weekly at 30 weeks and then at some point down to weekly and if there is any concern about the growth of this baby, it will be weekly sooner.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The cutest thing!

I was early to pick up Sausage Boy from dance class, Banana Girl was with me. I decided I might as well use the time to do some stretching - something I really need to spend more time on. I was flat on my back leg in the air, stretching my hamstrings when she asked what I was doing, I'm not sure that the information really influenced what followed, but she got on the floor and started copying me, much to the amusement of other watching parents.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I think the combination of pregnancy, narcolepsy and fighting a relatively mild cold virus has really knocked me out. Mentally it might be easier to feel a bit worse with this cold, the symptoms and the feeling completely exhausted don't match up, so I've not had symptoms to make me feel miserable enough to not go out, which has meant today, I felt exhausted at the beginning of church and ten times more so by the end! I have pilates at 8am tomorrow, which could be interesting!

Yesterdays competition

Things really did not go well yesterday, I danced very badly in cha cha in both events, though the other dances went fairly well. I've just seen the results break down and there is no difference in our marks for cha cha over any other dance, which really has to make you wonder about the quality of the judging, our cha cha in silver was really really dire, but out other dance seemed to go quite well, we are constantly reminded that it's not how it feels, but how it looks, but I can tell the difference between not actually dancing with my partner for a third or so of the music and doing that. Our two bad competitions have been two events in a series of three held each year, I'm wondering if in future, rather than seeing them as practice events (they are cheap), we should just skip them. All that is up in the air as I don't plan to do any more events whilst pregnant and until we see how things progress and how delivery goes, there is no way of really knowing when I'll get back to competing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I really enjoyed the trip to San Jose, I was getting a bit anxious that the long drive would be a major cause of pain, but amazingly, it wasn't. The trip down ended up taking a long time, we had a tire blowout on a bridge coming into San Francisco and though it didn't take long to sort that out, it did mean we had to take a detour to the rental place at the airport and switch cars, then we ended up being in traffic all the way to San Jose.

The Saturday night dancing included a show by the current World Professional Standard Champions, there first dance, I honestly wondered what all the fuss was about, but it went up from there. The final dance they performed was the quickstep, and that was amazing to be able to get all the body shapes they acheived but keep the movement at the pace they did was just stunning, seems like everyone else agreed as they got a standing ovation!

One thing I'd not been looking forward to was all the tanning I knew I'd need to do, but I surprised myself and had a very relaxed just gotta do what I've gotta do approach to it. I used a final coat of a spray on tan, which I've not done before and it really was worth it, it's one task you really cannot do yourself though and making my top half match my legs involved pulling my dress down to the boobs in the corridor outside the ballroom!

We were pretty pleased with out results, our main event, Pre-Novice Latin, we came 3rd out of 5 and in one dance we almost got 2nd. Pre-Novice is a syllabus event, so it allows choreography up to Gold level, we are currently dancing Silver choreography. One of the couples we beat was in another event that we saw, but the others we didn't see at all, so we've no idea how close it was.

This weekend is a local competition, which will be my final event, which I'm not thrilled about, but the calendar looks fairly empty anyway over the next few weeks, there is an event in Portland, OR in March, but realistically I don't think I'd be in good enough condition to do that. I'm running low on fake tan and I went into the shop yesterday and they had none but should have been getting some in later in the day, but when I went in today, it hadn't arrived, so now I have a dilema, I'm pretty sure I only have enough left to coat my arms or my legs, which is more important? It also means I probably shouldn't have a shower tonight, which is rather frustrating.