Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yum, Korean food!

I suggested we go shopping to try and get the kids christmas presents from my parents, we'd intended to order online before Christmas, but with all the snow, I didn't want something in the system somewhere potentially getting lost, but not actually delivered.

Sausage Boy had his heart set on a Lego train set, but when we hit the Lego store, they were all out and didn't know when they'd get any in. I think craziness must be some kind of qualification to work there as the guy's first suggestion was to buy a PINK lego set and try and convince him it was the same thing as it had two letters in common! His second suggestion was to run out the store screaming! However we were able to order in store from and not have to pay shipping.

We then had an unsucessful trip to Home Depot, by which point we were feeling really hungry and decided to try a Korean place near the bike store, which was new to us. I think our tastebuds are condition to the spices in Korean food as to me only one dish tasted spicy, this is normal, kim chee stopped tasting hot to me within 10 tastings and now it just has a really good flavour! I was pleased to see they served a potato side dish, which I adore and have now discovered is called gamja jorim, I've also found some recipes for it online! I think my favourite dish is what they call a pancake, but to me is more omlettey, but with a bit of batter mixed in, it's usually filled with green onions and seafood. Unfortunately with the notion of omlette stuck in my head, I completely forgot it contained wheat, it's difficult to tell if I'm experiencing any effects from that, particularly as I think some of my wheat issues are more of an underlying process than an instant reaction.

Our last shopping adventure was to the bike shop, where we equipped Banana Girl with her first bike and a helmet to go with it, she is absolutely delighted!

Unfortunately with this cold I've been running, my ribs are really sore today, occasionally it can be a really sharp pain that when I breathe in will cause me to instantly release that breath to relieve the pain. As I don't really seem to be coughing that much, I'm really hoping that this is the worst it gets!

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