Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Jose here I come!

After being on quilt retreat last weekend, I'm heading off again this weekend, I don't often go away without the family, so two weekends in a row is very unusual. This time it's to a dance competition in San Jose. I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of pregnancy on my pelvis, but I was a lot more comfortable on the dance floor tonight than I was on Monday. Much as I enjoyed quilt retreat, that amount of time sat in one place is not great on my body (or anyone elses, I suspect)!

Six of us are travelling together in a minivan, so I'm trying to travel light, but it's not easy when you need all your bits and bobs for competition.

I tried on my costumes today, there is plenty of room in both of them, so no worries there! I'm trying to work out the best plan for fake tan, our Latin events are on Sunday, so doing a layer tomorrow seems a bit soon, but it would at least get one layer on. Part of the problem is reaching all of my back, I can just about reach every spot, but not get it on smoothly, I need more practice, but without DH there this weekend, I guess I'll be getting that practice!

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