Sunday, January 4, 2009

More snow!

A few flakes fell on Friday, so I'd been keeping an eye on the weather forecast, which suggested if it precipitated yesterday, it would be snow, today was rain only though. The forecast has been for rain every day recently, but it's actually been quite dry, so I'm not sure we can trust it that much.

As we set off for church, there were a few flakes, which I dismissed as similar to Friday - how wrong I was! There was a couple of inches by the time we left church, fortunately it wasn't frozen and driving was pretty much a non issue. The forecasters tell us it will be gone by tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure I really believe them anymore!

Sausage Boy is supposed to be back at school tomorrow, our school district seem relatively keen to cancel school, so I hope they don't do anything crazy, even though he's not in public school, our school follows the district.

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