Sunday, January 11, 2009

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Sausage Boy had another dance competition yesterday, they were the youngest children dancing and they really are still in the very early days of dancing, I'm impressed with pretty much anything they can do. It really is a mixed bag, at times they handle themselves impressively well for 5 year olds, then other times there are completely unexpected screw ups - like Sausage Boy watching the screen they were projecting a recording of the dance floor on to, I should have known to tell him not to do that!

I do think between them, they have some things really going for them, they both have pretty good posture and keep it reasonably well whilst dancing. Sausage Boy also has a good feel for the music most of the time. What he really needs to improve is concentration, to keep doing the steps as well as he can do it the first time through. In the end they came last, I thought in waltz they might have managed 5th or 6th place, as one couple that was quite a bit bigger (though that shouldn't really count) were looking at there feet the whole time and another couple went the wrong way around the floor, clockwise instead of anticlockwise, they were dancing ok, but they got in the way of quite a few other couples.

Cha Cha was a bit of a disaster area, worse than they've done in the past, I think part of the problem with this for Sausage Boy, is he thinks he knows what to do, so he doesn't understand how he can get better at it and is therefore bored when they practice. He does massively better when they work on something that is new or they've not done before, he learnt quickstep for the first time recently and is doing that surprisingly well and whenever they practice samba he concentrates really hard!
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