Monday, January 19, 2009

It's gets worse...

I woke up at one something this morning and barely got any sleep after that. Of course on that little sleep my body doesn't have any time to recover either, so I'm feeling generally sore, it really is nothing compared to some of the pain I've had in the past, but when your brain is all foggy and your body is all twingy, it doesn't really make for a great day!

Microsoft has offices in a tall office tower in downtown Bellevue, someone inspired put the cafeteria on the top floor. We've been up to have a look at night time and have been saying we should wait for a clear day and go and have lunch. We're having a few days of clear weather and today is Martin Luther King day, so no school for the kids so it seemed like an appropriate time.

There was fog collected over the lake, which actually made things look more spectacular and we sat eating lunch with a fantastic view of Mount Baker and the northern Cascades.

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