Friday, January 16, 2009

Can barely keep my eyes open!

I've been really dozy today, perhaps the past 4 days tired me out more than I thought and subconciously I only allowed it to catch up with me today. Actually it's a useful reminder to be thankful that I haven't been like this the whole time as this is what I was like on days I didn't take my medication before I got pregnant.

Sausage Boy woke up with a stomach ache and then was sick, no symptoms from anyone else though and he's been fine the rest of the day, though we kept him in, following the 24 hours symptom free rule.

A few days ago I finally put the time into looking for a camera, which is a christmas present from my parents and grandparents, if I'd have got a cheaper one it would have only been from one of them, but there is definitely an element of getting what you pay for, so I was looking for a compromise of fitting the combined budget of two christmas presents plus getting something good. I've ended up getting something fairly similar to the film camera I've been using on and off for the past five years, which is an Olympus not quite an SLR - as in it does everything an SLR does but the lens isn't detachable. The digital one is a Nikon, but basically the same idea, with up to 18x zoom. It's 10.1 MP, though I suspect I'll rarely take photos at that storage level, as I'm generally not inclined to print them out at 20in*30in! It was shipped yesterday, so who knows when it will arrive!

I also ordered some books, one is "The Vaccine Book" by Dr Sears, with the UK schedule for vaccines I'm fairly comfortable with giving them at the usual time and that the advantages outweigh the risks, but the US schedule is more intense and this means babies are exposed to a lot of aluminum salts, there are rules surrounding how much of these people are allowed to receive via IV, vaccines are given into skin and muscle not directly into blood, but there is still sufficient to cause concern in my opinion. So we'll cut the schedule down a bit, definitely not giving the hep B vaccine at birth and possibly spreading some others out.

My other essential book is Medications and Mother's Milk, which has entries for almost every prescription medication with any data that is available about whether it is safe or not and how it's blood levels vary after it is taken. In the past I've seen some very bad advice handed out about waiting a certain time after feeding after taking certain meds, it seems each doctor just picks their own number and applies it to everything, which is crazy as some meds are absorbed very fast and peak not long after administration and others are much slower. Unfortunately some doctors are also unwilling to use resources they are not familiar with, so we'll have to see how that goes!

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