Monday, January 12, 2009

All dressed up!


This is actually a month old, as it's from the dance competition in Las Vegas. I feel a bit self concious in this costume, but trying to evaluate it honestly, from the dancing perspective, it does have the correct style, with out being super revealing, it just doesn't fit the dance style to have nothing on display, some dresses cover more cleavage, but will be shorter, or reveal more around the tummy, this dress at least shows off my best bit, not my worst bit and if I wasn't pregnant the effect would have been a lot less.

It gives you an idea just how dark my fake tan was, I'm not going to do as many layers for our next comp, as we're competing at a more appropriate level for our dancing and will not be wearing such fancy costumes, so it's not as necessary. When (and I'm saying when, not if!), we get to a level where this it the norm, I'm going to have to seek out darker foundation, I think I already bought the darkest shade in the brand I've got and you can see my face looks lighter than my skin.

I rented this costume, though the person I rented it from counts any money given as rentals against a purchase if you eventually buy the dress, but I think I'd prefer something that didn't come up so high on one side, I like the asymmetrical look, but it pretty much forced me into wearing tights and looking at the photos, I don't think they look as good as bare, tanned skin, my feet also prefer dancing without tights on - they make your shoes fit tighter, you can have issues with seams and I think they restrict your feet just enough for you to feel the difference.
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