Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Jose here I come!

After being on quilt retreat last weekend, I'm heading off again this weekend, I don't often go away without the family, so two weekends in a row is very unusual. This time it's to a dance competition in San Jose. I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of pregnancy on my pelvis, but I was a lot more comfortable on the dance floor tonight than I was on Monday. Much as I enjoyed quilt retreat, that amount of time sat in one place is not great on my body (or anyone elses, I suspect)!

Six of us are travelling together in a minivan, so I'm trying to travel light, but it's not easy when you need all your bits and bobs for competition.

I tried on my costumes today, there is plenty of room in both of them, so no worries there! I'm trying to work out the best plan for fake tan, our Latin events are on Sunday, so doing a layer tomorrow seems a bit soon, but it would at least get one layer on. Part of the problem is reaching all of my back, I can just about reach every spot, but not get it on smoothly, I need more practice, but without DH there this weekend, I guess I'll be getting that practice!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

wierd snow effect

We had a light sprinkling of snow today, it just started to fall as we were getting on the ferry (coming back from quilt retreat), it over the next 20 minutes or so it started coming down a lot heavier, which looked really wierd over the water, almost an image that didn't make sense as that volume of snow, should have been having some effect on the landscape. When we went down to the car deck, which has open windows along the sides, there was enough come through sideways to have collected a little on the cars. Thankfully it really was only a light snow, I don't think anyone wants a repeat of the Christmas big freeze!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quilt Retreat coming up!

Ok, I'm really going to have to plan tomorrow, I head off to Seabeck for Quilt Retreat on Thursday morning and I need to be organised, I started cutting fabric for a new project, but there are also several other things I want to work on, so I need to pack carefully to make sure I have all the bits and bobs I need for each of them, nothing worse than getting there and finding you don't have something essential! It would also be good to get more cutting done, but I'm not sure that will happen! I also need to decide whether or not to go to JoAnn's tomorrow to get stabiliser, or cross my fingers they will have it in the quilt shop we plan to stop at on the way. This will be my last quilt retreat in a while, our group usually go January and September and last year we went to a different location in June, either way it's not going to happen for me until at least September 2010 and I probably wouldn't want to go then either if breastfeeding is going as planned.

We had a great dinner today with a couple from our church, he's been leading the worship, but other than that, we barely knew them, so it was nice to get to know them, it really speeds up the process of getting to know someone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's gets worse...

I woke up at one something this morning and barely got any sleep after that. Of course on that little sleep my body doesn't have any time to recover either, so I'm feeling generally sore, it really is nothing compared to some of the pain I've had in the past, but when your brain is all foggy and your body is all twingy, it doesn't really make for a great day!

Microsoft has offices in a tall office tower in downtown Bellevue, someone inspired put the cafeteria on the top floor. We've been up to have a look at night time and have been saying we should wait for a clear day and go and have lunch. We're having a few days of clear weather and today is Martin Luther King day, so no school for the kids so it seemed like an appropriate time.

There was fog collected over the lake, which actually made things look more spectacular and we sat eating lunch with a fantastic view of Mount Baker and the northern Cascades.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Never knowing when to stop!

It seems the connections in my body that say you've done too much, this will hurt tomorrow have been lost somewhere along the line. Twice this week I've spent 2+ hours dancing, felt good during it, then woke up in the small hours in significant pain!

Thankfully I don't have that much dancing on the schedule over the next couple of weeks, Monday nights is usually a big night, but I have meetings earlier in the evening the next two weeks.

I'll be back to pilates tomorrow after a week of due to DH's conference, I hope the same thing doesn't happen then!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Can barely keep my eyes open!

I've been really dozy today, perhaps the past 4 days tired me out more than I thought and subconciously I only allowed it to catch up with me today. Actually it's a useful reminder to be thankful that I haven't been like this the whole time as this is what I was like on days I didn't take my medication before I got pregnant.

Sausage Boy woke up with a stomach ache and then was sick, no symptoms from anyone else though and he's been fine the rest of the day, though we kept him in, following the 24 hours symptom free rule.

A few days ago I finally put the time into looking for a camera, which is a christmas present from my parents and grandparents, if I'd have got a cheaper one it would have only been from one of them, but there is definitely an element of getting what you pay for, so I was looking for a compromise of fitting the combined budget of two christmas presents plus getting something good. I've ended up getting something fairly similar to the film camera I've been using on and off for the past five years, which is an Olympus not quite an SLR - as in it does everything an SLR does but the lens isn't detachable. The digital one is a Nikon, but basically the same idea, with up to 18x zoom. It's 10.1 MP, though I suspect I'll rarely take photos at that storage level, as I'm generally not inclined to print them out at 20in*30in! It was shipped yesterday, so who knows when it will arrive!

I also ordered some books, one is "The Vaccine Book" by Dr Sears, with the UK schedule for vaccines I'm fairly comfortable with giving them at the usual time and that the advantages outweigh the risks, but the US schedule is more intense and this means babies are exposed to a lot of aluminum salts, there are rules surrounding how much of these people are allowed to receive via IV, vaccines are given into skin and muscle not directly into blood, but there is still sufficient to cause concern in my opinion. So we'll cut the schedule down a bit, definitely not giving the hep B vaccine at birth and possibly spreading some others out.

My other essential book is Medications and Mother's Milk, which has entries for almost every prescription medication with any data that is available about whether it is safe or not and how it's blood levels vary after it is taken. In the past I've seen some very bad advice handed out about waiting a certain time after feeding after taking certain meds, it seems each doctor just picks their own number and applies it to everything, which is crazy as some meds are absorbed very fast and peak not long after administration and others are much slower. Unfortunately some doctors are also unwilling to use resources they are not familiar with, so we'll have to see how that goes!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday musings

DH has had a conference all this week, which has meant he's been leaving early and mostly getting back late which has meant I've done all the school drop offs this week. It's turned out better than I expected, I feel tired now, but I'm not sure it's any different to usual.

I took the kids to the dentist today, it went really well, the kids responded great to it and everyone treated them really well, it's the same place I went to so they are not a specific paediatric dentist, which is what most people seem to use around here. I haven't been to any other dentist in the US, so I can't say how this compares to anywhere else, but it's very different to any dentist I've been to in the UK, the easiest description is to compare it to the change from delivery rooms with equipment on display to labour and delivery rooms with everything carefully hidden.

They seem keen on cleaning teeth here, which wouldn't be done for kids this age in the UK, but it seemed to go fine, they got to choose the colour of their toothpaste and the technician dealt really well with all the wriggles.

We intended to practice dancing tonight, the past few lessons we've really been loaded with stuff we need to work on, it turned out to be frustrating as the studio ended up closing early, so we only got about 20 minutes, so it felt like a bit of a wasted trip out. Frustratingly I also felt a couple of sharper twingers from my symphysis pubis, which is probably a sign of things getting more mobile, I've noticed my hips loosening up in the past couple of days too, at 18 weeks this isn't really a great sign.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All dressed up!


This is actually a month old, as it's from the dance competition in Las Vegas. I feel a bit self concious in this costume, but trying to evaluate it honestly, from the dancing perspective, it does have the correct style, with out being super revealing, it just doesn't fit the dance style to have nothing on display, some dresses cover more cleavage, but will be shorter, or reveal more around the tummy, this dress at least shows off my best bit, not my worst bit and if I wasn't pregnant the effect would have been a lot less.

It gives you an idea just how dark my fake tan was, I'm not going to do as many layers for our next comp, as we're competing at a more appropriate level for our dancing and will not be wearing such fancy costumes, so it's not as necessary. When (and I'm saying when, not if!), we get to a level where this it the norm, I'm going to have to seek out darker foundation, I think I already bought the darkest shade in the brand I've got and you can see my face looks lighter than my skin.

I rented this costume, though the person I rented it from counts any money given as rentals against a purchase if you eventually buy the dress, but I think I'd prefer something that didn't come up so high on one side, I like the asymmetrical look, but it pretty much forced me into wearing tights and looking at the photos, I don't think they look as good as bare, tanned skin, my feet also prefer dancing without tights on - they make your shoes fit tighter, you can have issues with seams and I think they restrict your feet just enough for you to feel the difference.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last photo for today


Sausage Boy had another dance competition yesterday, they were the youngest children dancing and they really are still in the very early days of dancing, I'm impressed with pretty much anything they can do. It really is a mixed bag, at times they handle themselves impressively well for 5 year olds, then other times there are completely unexpected screw ups - like Sausage Boy watching the screen they were projecting a recording of the dance floor on to, I should have known to tell him not to do that!

I do think between them, they have some things really going for them, they both have pretty good posture and keep it reasonably well whilst dancing. Sausage Boy also has a good feel for the music most of the time. What he really needs to improve is concentration, to keep doing the steps as well as he can do it the first time through. In the end they came last, I thought in waltz they might have managed 5th or 6th place, as one couple that was quite a bit bigger (though that shouldn't really count) were looking at there feet the whole time and another couple went the wrong way around the floor, clockwise instead of anticlockwise, they were dancing ok, but they got in the way of quite a few other couples.

Cha Cha was a bit of a disaster area, worse than they've done in the past, I think part of the problem with this for Sausage Boy, is he thinks he knows what to do, so he doesn't understand how he can get better at it and is therefore bored when they practice. He does massively better when they work on something that is new or they've not done before, he learnt quickstep for the first time recently and is doing that surprisingly well and whenever they practice samba he concentrates really hard!
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Dancing dress


I've been trying to learn how to sew with stretchy fabric, with the idea that one day I might actually be able to make a ballgown. I decided I'd try with something small, with the theory that it would take less fabric. I didn't really think about the fiddly aspect though!

Banana Girl's interest in dancing (though she doesn't take lessons) made it an easy choice to decide to surprise her with fabric and the promise of making a dress, however the only suitable patterns I could find were at the best small adult, so I had to draft my own pattern, based on an adult size pattern for a skating dress. The neckline and armholes were basically a complete redraft, so it took some careful measureing to be sure I resized the arm correctly, which amazingly I did. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I've not hemmed the arms as they are so small I'm not sure how I'd manage to do it and manage to maintain the stretch, I can managed each, but not at the same time! I've also not hemmed the bottom of the skirt, I've plenty of dresses with unhemmed skirts in this type of fabric and it would have been very time consuming as the skirt is two full circles. I really need to use some of the scraps to practice hemming stretch fabric though.

I have a really nice pair of dance pants that have a fold over waist, which I'm finding really comfortable for pregnancy. I have plenty of casual trousers that are not feeling at all comfortable, I've taken to wearing old sports trousers as pajamas, but that's not going to work much longer, so I'm wondering if I should try making some myself, using the ones I have as a pattern, I'd probably have to cut the front a fraction lower to give them a good chance of lasting through pregnancy.
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Banana Girl's Christmas present from Granny and Grandad was this bike, she's very proud of it, though she's having a bit of difficulty riding it, not sure if that's just where she's at, or if the break set up is problematic - apparently kids bikes these days have the breaks operate when you pedal backwards, however gravity seems to cause this to happen just by stopping moving forwards. This could be interesting when Sausage Boy is ready for a new bike as his has regular breaks and we didn't see any like that in the smaller sizes.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Survived the week

Well it looks like we all survived the first week back at school! However total chaos seems to have overwhelmed the house.

We have a busy weekend ahead, Sausage Boy has a dance competition tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how it goes, it's their 2nd time competing and this competition has quite a large number of children - so it could be chaos on the dance floor!

This has made the need for him to get a haircut more urgent than it was, so
I think DH will take him to the barbers tomorrow morning.

I'm feeling very tired still, I think I'm going to have to prioritise actually going and seeing my neurologist and discussing if overall I might be better at least taking meds some days, we're past the major organ development stage and when I looked it up the risks seemed to be very low - as far as anyone can tell! It would also be a good opportunity to discuss options for breastfeeding.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Dentist

First, my excuses! I'm not a great dental patient, one of the reasons for that is that all my life regardless of what type of brush I've used, how frequently I brush etc. I've always bled when cleaning my teeth, which rather puts you off doing it. I presume it's related to Ehlers Danlos, as it's never been suggested I have a gum problem. Also, dealing with seemingly much bigger health issues over the past few years and moving means I hadn't been to the dentist for three years, when my teeth were declared to be fine.

I broke a tooth in September, I really should have gone in sooner, but there was no pain, I found I was pregnant, it got put off! I don't even know if this has meant more treatment as I'm not sure whether the order of things was a decayed tooth that broke, or a broken tooth caused trapped food and then decay. To be honest, given how things went today, I think any earlier in pregnancy and my gag reflex may well have been too strong to actually do anything!

So the bad news is, I need a root canal on the broken tooth and a crown on the next tooth along, the worse news is, we're not really sure whether to believe this as we've really heard nothing but bad stuff about dentists in this area and know several people who've gone out of state for treatment, only to find they needed a lesser treatment anyway.

I'm torn on what to do, apparently the tooth in front is close to needing a root canal so they want to get the prep work for a crown done ASAP to avoid that, but I'm not even convinced I need a crown - maybe that would be wonderful long term preventative treatment, but as far as I can tell there is nothing that is a bad shape to do a filling on that would probably last 10 or 20 years.

One thing that's a little bizarre is that I have NO pain at all from these apparent problems, but whether this is an indicator that more conservative treatment would be OK, or if I just have a freaking lack of pain for these teeth I do not know. I realised that the location of these two teeth is on the same quarter of the jaw as my worst impacted wisdom tooth, which makes me wonder both did that being so deep down and pressing forwards damage these teeth in anyway and did it effect the nerves in anyway, after the surgery that location was by far the most painful, but the pain was deeper than I think I'd expect to feel a toothache.

I think the best thing to do would probably be for me to wait until DH has had his teeth checked by the same dentist and see if he feels that he's overkeen to do stuff. Even if we get this stuff done, we'll have to see if it's cheaper to do it by travelling as we have a 1500 dollar annual limit on our dental plan, which is apparently how much it costs to do a root canal, though my google searches suggest this price is high. Friends have found that costs with insurance here can be higher than costs without insurance elsewhere, our insurance isn't restricted to a particular group, so that could work even better for us. I rather suspect dentists in this area are doing well from 100,000+ people on the same plan (probably more as that number only assumes 1 dependant) and suddenly the basic cost for each individual treatment is heading to the limit!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More snow!

A few flakes fell on Friday, so I'd been keeping an eye on the weather forecast, which suggested if it precipitated yesterday, it would be snow, today was rain only though. The forecast has been for rain every day recently, but it's actually been quite dry, so I'm not sure we can trust it that much.

As we set off for church, there were a few flakes, which I dismissed as similar to Friday - how wrong I was! There was a couple of inches by the time we left church, fortunately it wasn't frozen and driving was pretty much a non issue. The forecasters tell us it will be gone by tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure I really believe them anymore!

Sausage Boy is supposed to be back at school tomorrow, our school district seem relatively keen to cancel school, so I hope they don't do anything crazy, even though he's not in public school, our school follows the district.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yum, Korean food!

I suggested we go shopping to try and get the kids christmas presents from my parents, we'd intended to order online before Christmas, but with all the snow, I didn't want something in the system somewhere potentially getting lost, but not actually delivered.

Sausage Boy had his heart set on a Lego train set, but when we hit the Lego store, they were all out and didn't know when they'd get any in. I think craziness must be some kind of qualification to work there as the guy's first suggestion was to buy a PINK lego set and try and convince him it was the same thing as it had two letters in common! His second suggestion was to run out the store screaming! However we were able to order in store from and not have to pay shipping.

We then had an unsucessful trip to Home Depot, by which point we were feeling really hungry and decided to try a Korean place near the bike store, which was new to us. I think our tastebuds are condition to the spices in Korean food as to me only one dish tasted spicy, this is normal, kim chee stopped tasting hot to me within 10 tastings and now it just has a really good flavour! I was pleased to see they served a potato side dish, which I adore and have now discovered is called gamja jorim, I've also found some recipes for it online! I think my favourite dish is what they call a pancake, but to me is more omlettey, but with a bit of batter mixed in, it's usually filled with green onions and seafood. Unfortunately with the notion of omlette stuck in my head, I completely forgot it contained wheat, it's difficult to tell if I'm experiencing any effects from that, particularly as I think some of my wheat issues are more of an underlying process than an instant reaction.

Our last shopping adventure was to the bike shop, where we equipped Banana Girl with her first bike and a helmet to go with it, she is absolutely delighted!

Unfortunately with this cold I've been running, my ribs are really sore today, occasionally it can be a really sharp pain that when I breathe in will cause me to instantly release that breath to relieve the pain. As I don't really seem to be coughing that much, I'm really hoping that this is the worst it gets!

Friday, January 2, 2009

not liking where I am right now

I'm having a hard time at the moment with how I feel about this pregnancy, I've really started physically feeling it in the last few days, not just feeling movements, but just being so much more aware on the effect my enlarged belly has on the rest of my body. In all honestly physically I do feel basically fine, but it's the awareness of changes and what they develop into that I think is contributing to me feeling this way.

Of course feeling like this makes me feel guilty! I still feel it's way too soon to really start thinking about baby and attempting to soothe myself with positive baby thoughts just tips me into negative thinking about how long it will be and all the unknowns between now and then.

I suspect I'll probably feel a bit better, or rather a bit more distracted when January finally gets going and of course then I'll probably feel exhausted by business, but right now I'd rather feel that way!

By the end of the month things could potentially feel quite busy. I have quilt retreat 22nd-25th, which will be my last in a long time, at least two years I suspect, though if we are still nursing at that point, I don't think I'll want to jeopodise it - Runner Bean will be a bit past 18 months in January 2011, WHO recommends 2 years and I'm definitely aiming for this, Sausage Boy nursed until I got pregnant with Banana Girl, which was around 17 months, I intended to nurse her longer but stubborn thing that she is, she had her own desires and rather unusually self weaned at 18 months, health wise, she would really have benefitted from a 2nd winter, she'd been a picture of health to that point and was sick within 3 weeks of stopping and it lasted for ages.

Then the following weekend, I'm off to San Jose for a dance competition, I just confirmed today that this will definitely be a road trip, which I think suits me just fine! According to Google Maps, is 839 miles, so it's a long trip and I'm not quite sure if the plan is to actually stop overnight, or just take it in turns with the driving. With petrol costs it's not going to be much difference in price to flying, but that isn't really the point, it's the fun of a road trip, though if the weather is bad the whole time it won't be much fun, I'm hoping that we'll actually get to see something out the windows!

I'm also looking forward to going to ballet class again, I haven't been since early December. I'm hoping that ballet is something I'll be able to do most of the way through as there isn't that much where bump should get in the way and it's easy to modify, until it gets to the jumps, but I really have no problem with leaving class early!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another fraction

12 weeks down, 24 to go, I make that a third of the way. I have to confess, I'm not impressed, perhaps I shouldn't calculate these things!

I'm feeling enormous, but as you can tell from the photos, I really am not. However I did feel the height of the top of my uterus today, it seems quite high, so whilst physically I may look small, the uterus is apparently quite big, we'll have to see what the midwife thinks on Wednesday, it currently feels around 3-4 weeks bigger than it should be at this stage, I've never measured ahead, so I don't know whether this is normal for 3rd pregnancies, or not!

Sausage Boy is quite cute, he keeps asking my belly what it's food order is. Banana Girl on the otherhand is insisting that there is no baby in my tummy, not sure whether this is denial or just contrariness!