Sunday, December 28, 2008

yuck, cold!

I mean the virus type, not the weather type! All three adults (me, husband and sister), were sniffly yesterday morning, as the day went on it seemed pretty clear that at this point in time I'm worse effected. I think this is the worst cold I've had in a while!

The worst thing at this point in time is that my hip is now really hurting, I have painkillers available, but I haven't taken any in two weeks and I really want to keep that up and I was so pleased with feeling well enough and having the courage to take the step of not taking the baseline dose at regular intervals, that I really don't want to break being free of them.

I've just made myself a coffee, which is something I rarely do, recommendations about caffeine in pregnancy seem to keep changing, and I'm never quite sure if setting any given level as ok is more of a realism thing that cutting down is easier than stopping entirely, after all you can never really be sure that anything is safe. I'm getting a lot less caffeine by the fact that I've gone off tea - this is very odd for me, as my morning tea has always been such a pick me up for me. I've switched to a herbal one for pregnancy, it's basically peppermint and it's actually really nice!

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