Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter fun!

Each winter, someone puts an ice rink under a large marquee at the local park. We went for the first time last year, when they only had boots that went down to size 11, just about tolerable for Sausage Boy, enormous and heavy for Banana Girl. However they still seemed to enjoy it and after some fun rollerskating a few weeks ago, it seemed like a good idea to make sure we didn't wait until the last few days of the season to go, so we headed there this morning - someone has had a brainwave and made small skaes with double blades available for hire, they were sooooo cut in a size 8, I should have taken a picture of them not on her feet!

I'm sure some doctors would have a fit at the idea of a pregnant woman going ice skating, why take unnecessary risk they would say. Well, I went last year 2 months after hip surgery, that was probably a lot more risky, I chose to take that risk, so this time it was a no brainer. As I first stepped out on the ice, I discovered I was inclined to push of my left leg (the one which had surgery) and balance on my right leg. There is no obvious difference in strength between them when looking at large movements, but when I asked my PT a couple of months back, apparently fine muscle control takes longer to return and requires specific work, at 13 months post surgery it's obvious when doing something like ice skating that I still need to work on this. I could manage fine, I just had to think about it, I ended up making myself skate full laps only pushing with my right leg, so getting a reasonable chunk of time balancing on my left leg.

Unfortunately Sausage Boy managed to fall and twist in an awkward way and catch the inside of his lip with his tooth, he had a good cry and it was obvious that it really was painful as it quickly swelled up quite a lot. We asked for ice, but the had none (oh, the irony!), but I hit on the solution of buying a can of drink, so we let him choose and he spent a while holding a can of apple juice to his lip. At first he didn't want to go back out on the ice, but I hit on the suggestion that this was ok, but we would be coming again in future and he would be quite free to watch if he wanted to, which instantly had him back on the ice!

Rather frustratingly since this afternoon I've been feeling rather nauseous and it's a version I find particularly unpleasant where the sensation is in your mouth, rather than your stomach, it really does feel right on the edge of where you're about to lose it. Usually when it gets to this point it means I have to find a bathroom, FAST!


magicpointeshoe said...

I nudged you on lj for no good reason. And YAY! the blog loaded for me this try!

betsy said...

I've skated in the early months of
pregnancy too.

Last winter my son crashed on his teeth while skating, so this year I bought him a full face helmet.

The girls seem less likely to crash on their teeth, so they wear ordinary multisport helmets.