Sunday, December 21, 2008

winter dramas

We have SNOW, quite a lot of it, the most I've seen outside of a ski resort in years. That was before another layer fell today!

Friends of ours had a baby 9 days ago (just before her due date, she'd been hoping to last an extra day and thus finish her "month" at work, she's an ER doctor and works shifts and by choosing them carefully, finishing December would have given her an extra month off!), we'd agreed to take them a meal today. Meal was cooked and ready to go, snow is falling, but DH has safely manouvered the car and we can see that traffic is moving fine along the main road. Thankfully I remembered to say "stick the spade in the boot".

We get lulled into a false sense of security as driving towards them, the roads were better, the main road by us was in worse condition than the fairly minor through street that passes their neighbourhood, this surprised me as whether there is any truth in it or not, I've always thought of their area as more affected by weather.

We'd not been to their house before and turning off the through street we were going too slowly, not realising there was a hill. Decide to park the car and walk as it's only a block or so. However foolishly, we park the car up hill of another car as downhill of it would be borderline too close to the junction.

Have a nice walk to there house, Sausage Boy really enjoying himself jumping in snow drifts. Go into the house, baby is fast asleep and happy and mum and dad are up and awake and seeming happy to chat (I'm always torn on this one, I remember some lonely spots in those early days and was glad for a chat, but there were moments I didn't want it too and it can be hard to tell).

I glance out of the window and the snow seems to have stopped, but by the time we get moving, the snow has started up again and it's pretty heavy, to be honest, even without the new snow, I don't think we'd have had the traction to reverse uphill, so the spade turns out to be handy, we get digging (or rather DH does the digging, I do a bit of sweeping and I think I had small effect). It was slow as despite attempts to have a clear spot and get momentum going backwards eventually we did need to clear the entire track going backwards, as we work, about 4 more cars got stuck nearby! After working away alone for about 40 minutes and being everso close to getting out, suddenly it appears the other people around give up on getting there own cars out and decide to "help", we were so close to getting out that this really amounted to no help, just lots of people feeling good, which is fine. I was pretty impressed with my manouver out of the space, particularly as I had several people telling me what to do! To be fair, they were all correct, but not information I was unaware of!

Thankfully after that we got home safely, the last main road was pretty bad, but whilst there was large volumes of snow, it was only a thin top layer that was untouched and there was grit somewhere in the mix. Earlier in the day we'd seen a car getting stuck turning into our drive, so I had to balance slowing down to get a look to see if there was anyone in the way (stuck or otherwise, we have neighbours with funny ideas about parking), but once I could see it was clear getting up enough speed to get through the snow drift, it worked out fine and the only hurdle to clear was getting into the garage - which also went really well, it's uphill and we hadn't cleared the snow, I was pretty impressed with my judgement there!

It feels like we have acheived so little today, basically cooking, wrapping the gift for the baby and delivering the food! I also feel totally unprepared for Christmas, with relatives all in different countries, we end up receiving gift cards, or money transfers and doing all the present buying and wrapping ourselves, I meant to order things on Thursday when we should have been home, it's now Sunday evening and nothing has been done. I'm hoping we can get to Target over the next few days and at least get something!

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