Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thaw - or not?

Woke up to it snowing, as expected. As it started to turn to rain it also stopped falling, so though the weather forecast was pretty much guaranteeing us rain, it has actually been dry. The slight warmth has been enough to mean snow was falling in dollops of trees, but not enough for significant melting, so that fall just seemed to make everything deeper!

The main roads are pretty good, but the piles of snow at the side of them are about two foot high and getting to the main road can be treacherous!

We got safely too church, before DH had a silly moment and said he'd "just" park here, indicating a pile of snow, I yelled no, but it was too late, we were stuck. It turns out a church car park is a good place to get stuck as though we'd stupidly forgotten to switch our spade between cars, there were quite a lot of spades and men giving the car a shove quite quickly. We weren't the only ones though, DH stayed out to help and it was at least half an hour after the service started before all the cars had been unstuck. It was a relief for us to find that a large, high clearance vehicle didn't make you immune as a Ford Explorer got stuck right next to us!

Service was a bit bizarre, probably made me the most homesick for a while, as it was the opposite of any carol service in the UK, suddenly I longed to be at Eden, where they do basically do the traditional service of nine lessons and carols, though they do have some modern readings too sometimes. Afterwards, mince pies are served, usually they are contributed by many people mostly homemade, but some bought so it can be an odd mix and I remember if there are any left after everyone has been served, hunting down the ones that look like they have good pastry and plenty of mince!

I was starting to wonder if we'd been better off staying at home and listening to carols from Kings on the radio! Thankfully getting out the car park was rather better than getting in and we went to a sushi restaurant for dinner. Since going wheat free, restaurant dining has been less appealing with choices somewhat restricted, but sushi turned out to be a good thing, there are a fair few things fried in batter, but it was really an opportunity to try new things, which I did and enjoyed it. I think as time goes by I'm getting more into sushi, I'm starting to believe what they tell you about kids, that you have to taste something quite a few times to get used to the taste. The kids were eating pretty well too and trying new things, so it was fun for everyone.

Stockings have been hung, some Christmas dinner prep has been done, so now it's time to watch the rest of a Vicar of Dibley Christmas special that we hadn't seen since it was first broadcast after we left the UK.

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