Sunday, December 7, 2008


Right now I want to do nothing but go to bed, but I'm acutely aware that if I go to bed now, I'll regret it at 5am, or maybe sooner. I hate lieing awake in the early hours, I also hate getting up to a dark, quiet, cold house. So that means I have to force myself to stay up for another hour or so.

I just looked at the calendar and realised how little time I have to get organised before heading to Las Vegas on Wednesday. Monday evening is taken up by dancing and Tuesday afternoon is taken up by appointments. That should be plenty of time, but as always, stuff expands to fill the available space and there an awful lot of things on the ought to do list, but not on the absolutely necessary list, I'll regret it when I get back if none of those get done!

One thing I really don't have time to do is stand in line at the post office. I've decided that if it comes to the crunch, the I can take the bits and bobs to finish the photo albums I'm making for various relatives with us and work on them whilst we're there. I've no idea what the last posting date is, but if I get them in the post on Friday, it can't go desparately wrong.

I am however coming to the conclusion that Christmas cards will not happen. Given the number we get and the variability in whom they come from, I figure we're not the only ones with this approach to life! I can attempt to convince family members that their photo album in fact IS a christmas card, just with a year round theme!

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